Ghost Writer's Box

Ghost Writer's Box

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A sleek and elegant writer's box is introduced to your audience. Explain that it was passed down to you from an old friend who is no longer here. When the box is opened it is shown to contain a drawstring bag with 3 markers (red, black and green), several sheets of paper and a deck of tarot cards. All is removed. The markers are shown separately and placed back into the bag. A spectator reaches into the bag and pulls out one marker, let's say the red one. Your spectator then selects a blank sheet of paper and places it into the box. It is signed by both the magician and the spectator. The selected marker is placed in the cradle. The spectator closes the box. Have her select a single card from a deck of tarot cards.

When she opens the box, on the paper, written in red, is the name of the tarot card she selected.

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